June 25, 2024

Position 69

In addition to the goat position, the posture generically called “69” is one of those sexual positions that drive women crazy. Its popularity is due to the continuous stimulation of the genital areas. For position 69, one of the partners will lie on the bed and the other will sit upside down. If you want to experiment with this position, you can try the following: one of the partners will stand and the other will sit upside down, the first having to support his legs.

Andromache position

Inspired by Greek mythology, this sexual position is a variation of the “woman above” posture. Andromache is recommended for a woman who likes to have total control over the stimulation and the moment of orgasm. The man will lie on the bed, while his partner will either lie down or sit on top of him.

You can try other options for this position, such as the woman sitting with her back to one side or the man holding her hands on her hips for support. Andromache position is perfect for couples because it offers great visual stimulation and the ability to stimulate other areas of the body such as the breasts.

Keep in mind that many of these positions require little exercise, so you shouldn’t be discouraged if you don’t get the results you want on the first try, the word “with patience pass the sea.”

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