April 24, 2024
What does it mean to be in an open relationship?

For many, monogamy is the secret to a successful, long-lasting relationship, but the underlying ones have certain instincts that they sometimes can’t control. Others cannot live with just one partner and choose the path of open or polyamorous relationships.

Several studies have shown, over time, that people are not actually designed to be monogamous, hence the relationship issues, when you find out, for example, that your partner cheated on you. The solution?

For some, solving these problems is an open relationship, in which you and your partner agree that other people may appear in your life. Here are the most frequently asked questions about open relationships and their answers!

So let’s get started. Non-monogamy can be represented in several forms, such as open relationships or polyamorous relationships. The absence of public relations in this category, but also the idea that this would be wrong and that you would be judged by society, makes many give up the idea of trying or at least informing themselves on the subject. For the most frequently asked questions about open relationships, here is a person who is part of such a relationship.

Open relationships refer to any type of relationship you have with another person, other than your partner, apart from the couple. “An open relationship happens when one or both partners want to explore sex or other intimate relationships with other people in the short term,” says Daniel Saynt, founder of The New Society for Wellness, a private club. from New York, “benevolent” to cannabis and sex.

Open relationships are different from polyamorous ones, where a person has several long-term, concomitant relationships in which they are emotionally and physically involved. However, an open relationship is more about the idea of “adventure”, even if you are already in a relationship. From the point of view of some, this category also includes “swingers” couples, who exchange partners during sexual acts.

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